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Evolve the Rainbow - Eeveelutions!

So, it's been some time since I uploaded any Pokémon online. Like, over a year ago in fact. My output for any Pokémon art (or art in general) has decreased a lot due to work-related reasons. So when Inktober came around this year, I thought that drawing all the Eeveelutions would help satisfy that Pokémon craving.

This is one of the first times I've drawn all the Eeveelutions (a first for many actually). I consider them 'semi-realistic' because I put in basic research into the anatomy/animal basis behinds each one. In my opinion, Eeveelutions are a mix of cats and foxes, but some may be a bit more feline (i.e. Espeon, Sylveon), and others a bit more canine (i.e. Jolteon, Glaceon). I also took some very minor inspiration from other animals like otters, porcupines, rabbits, deer and so on too depending on the Eeveelution in question. There’s a few anatomical/design/colour errors throughout but overall I’m happy with the result. I paired each Eeveelution with plants/flowers (and fungi) that match their design and personality.

All drawn with Copic markers and Unipin/Uniball black and white pens, on A5 Xpressit blending card at about 4 hours each.

P.S. if you view these on mobile the colours are wayyyy too vibrant than what they should be.

Eeveelution + plant inspiration

René Campbell