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Official Website Launch!

After long last, I'm excited to finally say that my Website, has officially launched! 

This Website will be a central hub for all my professional artistic and scientific work (although it will be mostly centralised around my art). Other important information, such as Commission availability and prices, Copyright statements, Terms of Use, Original artwork for sale and so on, can be accessed via this Site.

It has been a long-time coming, and proved to be a much more time-consuming process than I initially realised. After transferring from Wix to Squarespace, I found myself working with four different templates, each of which presented a variety of problems. While the templates themselves looked phenomenal and transitioned well to smaller devices, I couldn't satisfy the vision of my Website without additional coding, constantly editing and adding features and researching legal terminology. Working on my website became unmotivating and a chore at best. So much work was involved and I urge anyone who is creating their own Website to consider the time and effort required.

While it isn't a perfect Website, I am happy with the outcome and overall look. I've done many test-runs on all devices to ensure a smooth browsing process, ease of access and little errors with downloading or viewing particular components. If you have any constructive criticisms about the Website, or if particular parts of the Website aren't functioning as they should, please email me at, and I will do my best to improve the Site for your convenience.

Thank you all for visiting and I look forward to sharing more of my work with you all!